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Peak Home Brew

I have reached peak home brew! No more space for any more full bottles and I’m out of empty bottles. Along with that, the beer that I got brewed I can’t drink, as they need more time to condition fully. I know that there isn’t...

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Coopers’ Marilyn’s Secret recipe

Tried a few Blonde/White IPAs in the States and Down Under, so when I found this one I just had to try it. This recipe is a version of an American Blonde Ale (category 6.B. of the BJCP guidelines) with some extra hop character. Sure,...

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Spring sorted

Well that is spring sorted: Now all I got to do, is to mix it and wait, wait and wait. Should have a batch of Fresh Draught (4.6%), American Blonde Ale (5.6%) and Authentic Ale (6.0%) when done. Since I only got one FV I...