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Coopers’ Julebryg recipe

I found on Coopers’ websites a recipe clone/lookalike (shouldn’t that be tastealinke) for one of my favorit beers – Tuborg’s Julebryg. A, in my mind, fantastic Christmas brew. There is a rather good description of the tradition with it on Coopers’ site. http://coopers.com.au/#/diy-beer/beer-recipes/strong/detail/julebryg/ Though back...

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Tuborg Brewery – Julebryg

Brewery : Tuborg Brewery Name : Julebryg (Christmas brew) Country : Denmark Style : Strong Pilsner ABV/VOL/ALC : 5.6% Note from brewery : Merry Christmas and Happy New Beer! Most Danes know the blue and white advertisement for Tuborg Julebryg (Tuborg Christmas Brew). But probably...