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The forgotten home brew

Here I was, happily drinking away and enjoying the Pale Ale (Sierra Nevada Clone) and Blonde Ale (Marilyn’s Secret), thinking it is time to get an order in. A few click later, I had coming the in post over the next few days : 1...

St Peter's Golden Ale Kit - Saison Edition 2

St Peter’s Golden Ale Kit – Saison Edition

I was reading up about Belle Saison the Belgian-style ale yeast, as you do, and ended up gagging for a Saison beer. So I was thinking what is the easiest way to get to one in home brewing. I had the St Peter’s Golden Ale...

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Coopers’ Saison Recipe

It’s a highly carbonated, bottle conditioned ale, which often displays quite funky characters such as fruity, spicy, peppery, cloves, etc. The Saaz hop addition, although not necessary and not the typical type of hop for this style, adds a little bit of extra spiciness to...