I have always liked a beer, sadly I grew up in Denmark amidst Carlsberg’s big spending spree. Which pretty much meant that you had a the choice of larger that was brewed by Carlsberg or larger not brewed by Carlsberg. That said a cold Tuborg after a hard day work does hit the spot. I will dwell into the whole Carlsberg and the Forenede bryggerier else where on the blog.

I started to collect beers, mostly lager, in cans and bottles and ended up with to many to be stored in the one room I had. And I heard from a friend who told me that some of his collection exploded and he had some smelly stuff to clean up. To avoid that I started to collect the labels but never ever took any notes about what I tasted. This just started a few months ago, so you will probably find many labels with no notes from me, but if you have any comments or info about a beer or label please do comment.

After I moved to the UK I found real beer and beer that taste of something. “What’s this larger boy, are you afraid of tasting something” to quote a brilliant brewery.

One day I will try to make my own beer and that is pretty much the reason for this blog, but don’t hold your breath I haven’t got a place or the equipment yet, till lots to learn. Well will you look a that I’m now brewing my own beer – homebrew the easy way from kits.

And this website is being worked on as and when I get the time.

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