Presidents Sierra American Pale Ale – Beerworks Craft Brewery Series

beerworks presidents sierra american pale ale

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4 Responses

  1. landlord says:

    the first bit of bubbling from the air-lock happened and it spooked the dog :)

  2. landlord says:

    Six days in and it got a bit cold, 17c, so I moved it to a warmer spot in the house. Over the last 6 hours the temp have climbed to just over 19c. And the bubbling has kicked off again, nearly every 30sec we hear it talk to us.

  3. landlord says:

    The bubbling went down to about every 2 min after nearly 10 days in the pot. As I couldn’t wait anymore I siphoned it over into my Coopers FV, for the dry hobbing of the Citra hobs, as it would be easier to bottle from that one. The FG was just over 1010, so about 5%. Bottling day in five.siphoning beer

  4. landlord says:

    Bottled 42 500mls today at a FG off 1009, so a bit over 5%. The sample tasted yummy and I think we are in for a winner. Now only 2 weeks to go before first QC …

    cleaning bottles

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