The forgotten home brew

forgotten brew

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3 Responses

  1. landlord says:

    Well that should keep me going for a few days :)
    Delivery arrived !

  2. landlord says:

    Dry hopped today with 25-30g of Vic Secret and the FG was near 1010 so over 6%. The taste was nice and bitter and fruity just like I want it. I think this will turn out to be a rather quaffable drop.

  3. landlord says:

    Why do I always do this, get ready to bottle and then have a mad dash down to the LHBS for capsules. Managed to get 40 bottles out of the pot, event after the leak of 2017. FG at 1005, so it will clock in at a little bit over 7%, hick. Better print out some warning labels, me thinks. Tasted nice and tart and fruity, this one will be a goodun, that is if I can leave it be long enough :)

    Other good news is that I found 6 full bottles hidden in my empty bottle store, no clue what they are but hey, it’s more beer !

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