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Wychwood - Saintbury's - Osprey 0

Wychwood – Saintbury’s – Osprey

Brewery : Wychwood Brewery for Saintbury’s. Name : Osprey Country : England Style : Strong Bitter (ESB) ABV/VOL/ALC : 6.5% Note from brewery : Contract brewed for Sainsbury’s by Wychwood/Maston’s English Northdown and Goldings hops. Note from the taster : I think I remember that...

Shepherd Neame – Traditional Kentish Ale 0

Shepherd Neame – Traditional Kentish Ale

Brewery : Shepherd Neame Name : Traditional Kentish Ale Country : England Style : Ale ABV/VOL/ALC : 4.8% Note from brewery : Sweet caramel and roasted hazel nuts flavours fill the mouth. There is a balanced of tobacco, spice, and slight pepper with clove and...