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Samuel Adams – Scotch Ale

Brewery : Samuel Adams – The Boston Beer Company Name : Scotch Ale Country : USA Style : Ale ABV/VOL/ALC : 5.5% Note from brewery : Smoky, malty and brewed with traditional British ale hops, this is a brew for adventurous beer drinkers. Note from...

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Samuel Adams – Boston Ale

Brewery : Samuel Adams – The Boston Beer Company Name : Boston Ale Country : USA Style : Ale ABV/VOL/ALC : 5.4% Note from brewery : When we opened our Boston Brewery in 1988, we created a special brew, Boston Ale, to mark the occasion....

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Samuel Adams – Summer Ale

Brewery : Samuel Adams – The Boston Beer Company Name : Summer Ale (Seasonal Beer) Country : USA Style : Wheat Ale ABV/VOL/ALC : 5.3% Note from brewery : Crisp and tangy with refreshing lemon peel and a hint of pepper from rare Grains of...

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Bridgeport Brewing Company – Kingpin

Brewery : Bridgeport Brewing Company Name : Kingpin Country : USA Style : Double Red Ale ABV/VOL/ALC : 7.5% Note from brewery : A full-flavored red ale made with local, rarely-grown Liberty Hops. Kingpin’s rye and caramel malts combine to create a unique flavor profile...

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Bridgeport Brewing Company – Hop Czar

Brewery : Bridgeport Brewing Company Name : Hop Czar Country : USA Style : Imperial IPA ABV/VOL/ALC : 7.5% Note from brewery : The original Hop Czar Imperial IPA is back. Long live the king. The original king of hops has regained his throne. Hop...

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Kongens Bryghus – Paaske Øl

Brewery : Kongens Bryghus Name : Paaske Øl Country : Denmark Style : Lager/Hvidt Øl ABV/VOL/ALC : Note from brewery : Medals : Note from taster : Label :

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Tuborg Brewery – Red Tuborg

Brewery : Tuborg Brewery Name : Tuborg Red, Rød Tuborg, F Country : Denmark Style : Lager ABV/VOL/ALC : 5.2% Note from brewery : Medals : Note from taster : Can’t remember this one, though I know I have seen it in many places both...

Carlsberg Breweries - 19B 0

Carlsberg Breweries – 19B

Brewery : Carlsberg Breweries Name : 19B Country : Denmark Style : ABV/VOL/ALC : Note from brewery : Medals : Note from taster : Label : Typical Carlsberg label.

Big Sky Brewing Co. - Trout Slayer 0

Big Sky Brewing Co. – Trout Slayer

Brewery : Big Sky Brewing Co. Name : Wheat Ale Country : USA Style : Ale ABV/VOL/ALC : 5.0% Note from brewery : THEY SAY THE BEST WAY TO SHRINK A FISH IS WITH A RULER , BUT THE BEST WAY TO GROW A FISH...

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White Rabbit Brewery – Dark Ale

Brewery : White Rabbit Brewery Name : Dark Ale Country : Australia Style : Ale ABV/VOL/ALC : 4.9% Note from brewery : Expect the unexpected with this dark ale. Rich and flavoursome, yet ever refreshing, this malt driven ale is beautifully balanced by an aromatic...

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Wee Heavy aka Scotch Ale

Scotch Ale – A Wee Heavy “Wee Heavy” is the colloquial term for a higher alcohol variant of the pale ale classification known as Scotch Ale. 1.7kg Thomas Coopers Sparkling Ale 1.5 Amber Malt Extract 500g CSR Brown Sugar Nottingham Yeast I used Light Malt...

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Coopers’ Saison Recipe

It’s a highly carbonated, bottle conditioned ale, which often displays quite funky characters such as fruity, spicy, peppery, cloves, etc. The Saaz hop addition, although not necessary and not the typical type of hop for this style, adds a little bit of extra spiciness to...

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Little Creatures Pale Ale Clone

After some clicking about I found a clone recipe of the very enjoyable Pale Ale from Little Creatures on Tasmania. Sadly I remembered wrong what hob’s I had laying around so I had to use Saaz hobs instead the Cascades hobs the recipe called for....

Bottling my mistake 0

Bottling my mistake

Well it was more a panic than a mistake. It was time to restock and I decided I would use what leftovers that was lying about. Popped down to the cheap shop which sells home brew stuff got a Coopers IPA, funny enough it was...

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Peak Home Brew

I have reached peak home brew! No more space for any more full bottles and I’m out of empty bottles. Along with that, the beer that I got brewed I can’t drink, as they need more time to condition fully. I know that there isn’t...

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Coopers’ Marilyn’s Secret recipe

Tried a few Blonde/White IPAs in the States and Down Under, so when I found this one I just had to try it. This recipe is a version of an American Blonde Ale (category 6.B. of the BJCP guidelines) with some extra hop character. Sure,...

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Coopers’ Fresh Draught recipe

Trying to think ahead, so brewed up Coopers Fresh Draught for early summer drinking. Also it could handle a colder temperature while fermenting than an ale can. Coppers Fresh Draught recipe/ingredients: 1.7kg Thomas Coopers Traditional Draught 1.5kg Thomas Coopers Light Malt Extract Used the yeast...

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Coopers’ Authentic IPA (v2)

Since I really liked the Coopers Authentic IPA, I went for it again. I had planned to dry hop it, but a bit of wrong clicking while doing my last orders, I ended up with 500g Hopped Spray Malt. Coopers’ Authentic IPA Recipe/ingredients: 1.7kg Thomas...

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Spring sorted

Well that is spring sorted: Now all I got to do, is to mix it and wait, wait and wait. Should have a batch of Fresh Draught (4.6%), American Blonde Ale (5.6%) and Authentic Ale (6.0%) when done. Since I only got one FV I...

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Coopers’ Julebryg recipe

I found on Coopers’ websites a recipe clone/lookalike (shouldn’t that be tastealinke) for one of my favorit beers – Tuborg’s Julebryg. A, in my mind, fantastic Christmas brew. There is a rather good description of the tradition with it on Coopers’ site. http://coopers.com.au/#/diy-beer/beer-recipes/strong/detail/julebryg/ Though back...