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Enhanced brewing

Brewed up with a bolster or enhancer kit today. Was clicking about over on Home Brew Online and found the “Bolster Kit – For American Ales”, and thought why the heck not. The American Ales Bolster kit includes Caramalt and Cascade Hops. All you need...

Coopers DIY tap seal 0

There’s a hole in the bucket

As I said in my last post, the tap on the Coopers DIY fermenting vessel was looking a bit tired. I have used it for about 16 brews and the seal started to crack. I had a look at it, went it will do another...

forgotten brew 3

The forgotten home brew

Here I was, happily drinking away and enjoying the Pale Ale (Sierra Nevada Clone) and Blonde Ale (Marilyn’s Secret), thinking it is time to get an order in. A few click later, I had coming the in post over the next few days : 1...